Ongoing cyber-attack didn’t target military, officials say

August 5, 2011
Cyber Security, FedCyber Wire
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via DoD Buzz

A top Pentagon spokesman, Marine Col. Dave Lapan, addressed that question for reporters. Here’s what he said:

We are aware of this report and its contents. While we do not comment on an outside report, operating and defending the DoD networks is one of the key missions for U.S. Cyber Command. We work with other governmental agencies to ensure detecting and mitigating cyber intrusions on the DoD networks is a key cyber security goal for the Command.  As with all intrusions on the DoD network, maintaining an active defense is a key factor in intrusion detection and prevention.

Cyber threats to information and communications infrastructure pose an economic and national security challenge for the United States and our partners, which is why the President has made cyber security one of his top priorities.

From our assessment — the impact to the DoD network is minimal. The operation and protection of DoD networks is a key priority for us and because of this, we employ along with other governmental agencies, defensive tools as part of our Active Defense system to aid in intrusion detection and prevention.

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