FBI Eyeing Microsoft Technologies to Assist Law Enforcement

August 3, 2011
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via Network World

In dealing with how law enforcement must keep pace with technology, and the challenges represented by the ever-changing world of wireless devices, the FBI published Wireless Evolution [PDF]. It was originally published in the March 2011 Emerging Technologies Research Bulletin, but this FOIA publication on Secrecy News was obtained by the Federation of American Scientists. While redacted, it was originally marked “Law Enforcement Sensitive” and seems to have been written by FBI Special Agent Richard McFeely who is the Acting Deputy Assistant Director of the Operational Technology Division. It’s an interesting read to see what law enforcement has its eye on in the present and future in communication trends. Since this is being posted on a Microsoft subnet area, here are some Microsoft technologies that were mentioned and seem to interest the FBI in regards to helping law enforcement:

Skinput, Wiffler, Menlo and the Greenfield app are present and future wireless Microsoft technologies that interest the FBI in regards to helping law enforcement with surveillance and fighting crime. The FBI publication ‘Wireless Evolution’ mentions several more.

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