A look at the DHS’ Cybersecurity & Privacy Conference Series

July 26, 2011
Cyber Security, FedCyber Wire
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DHS Provides a look into Cybersecurity and Privacy this year.

Every year, the Privacy Office of DHS presents a speaker series of outside experts. This year, they will focus on Cybersecurity and Privacy, with the first event kicking off today (26 July at 10AM). These events are open to all federal workers (employees and contractors) and qualify for continuing education credits.

The first event is titled: “Cybersecurity & Privacy: Are you living with a zombie? Botnets and their innocent owners.”  From the description:

“Discussions of botnets often focus only on the attacker and the target and rarely address the other victim: the owner of the zombie computer. This session will focus on the innocent third party victim, specifically: the information that the botnet owner can access about the individual who owns the computer and the potential harms to the owner from counter attacks.”

This discussion is very important because for botnets to reach 1M machines strong – 1M users must also be also be compromised.

We will keep up with this event series and will post whenever new speaker is scheduled.

Find the Privacy Office Speaker Series Events here.