Social Security CIO Resigns Following Shakeup

July 19, 2011
FedCyber Wire
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via Information Week

After a shakeup in the Social Security Administration’s IT organization, the agency’s CIO, Frank Baitman, has abruptly resigned. His departure follows a decision by commissioner Michael Astrue to shift most of the agency CIO’s responsibilities to deputy commissioner for systems, Kelly Croft.

According to a leaked memo to senior staff detailing the move, personnel remaining at the stripped-down CIO office will move to Social Security’s office of systems. Baitman wasn’t immediately available for comment, but InformationWeek has confirmed the changes.

SSA’s CIO duties are now in the hands of Croft, who was deputy commissioner for quality performance before moving to the office of systems. Croft is a career civil servant, having also worked in the office of personnel management on his way up the government ladder since starting as a service representative with Social Security 30 years ago. His wife, Mary Glenn-Croft, is deputy commissioner for operations, which also manages some IT functions.

Baitman joined Social Security in 2009. Before moving into federal government, he worked as a consultant, as director of the Institute for the Future, and a director of corporate strategy with IBM. Baitman was named to InformationWeek’s Government CIO 50 earlier this year.

In June, Astrue informed the agency that the CIO’s organization would be broken up and its responsibilities redistributed. Some of those responsibilities went to the office of systems, which already had operational control over most of the agency’s core software and hardware. Astrue described the move as an effort to “maximize efficiency.” The agency’s IT budget was reduced by $300 million in fiscal 2011.

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