GAO knocks interagency collaboration on NextGen R&D

July 11, 2011
FedCyber Wire, Technology
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via Fierce Government IT

Interagency collaboration between the Federal Aviation Administration and the rest of the federal government when it comes to coordinating research efforts for projects relevant to air traffic control modernization leaves much to be desired, says the Government Accountability Office.

In a report dated June 30, the GAO in particular finds difficulties in coordination between the FAA and the departments of Homeland Security and Defense. The FAA is the lead federal agency in charge of the massive air traffic modernization effort known as NextGen, which at its most fundamental level seeks to replace radar-based air traffic control with Global Positioning System-derived data.

Although the FAA is the agency most closely associated with the effort, NextGen from the start was designated as an interagency effort to which multiple agencies would contribute in order to prevent duplication of research and technology development efforts, the GAO report notes.

However, the DoD has not completed an inventory of its R&D portfolio related to NextGen, GAO auditors find, adding that neither has FAA provided in some cases enough specificity of its NextGen technology gaps so that DoD can identify where its own R&D efforts could provide a benefit.

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