Geek Swap: DOD, Private Sector IT Workers Switch

July 6, 2011
FedCyber Wire, Technology
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via InformationWeek Government

The Department of Defense (DOD) has become the latest government agency to launch a program that exchanges IT workers with the private sector in an effort to share technology expertise.

The Information Technology Exchange Program (ITEP), currently in pilot, allows the department to trade civilian employees with private-sector organizations to share best practices and collaboration in particular IT areas, including service-oriented architectures, cloud computing, enterprise architecture, mobile devices, and cybersecurity, according to the DOD.

“The Defense Department recognizes that sharing information and leveraging best practices are critical components of education and continuous learning,” DOD CIO Teri Takai said in a statement. “ITEP provides an opportunity for both industry and DOD to learn from each other–to enhance employees’ IT competencies and technical skills.”

The program is similar to one the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) already has enacted to share IT workers with the private sector to achieve the same effect. The DHS program also sought cybersecurity experts from the private sector, among employees with other types of expertise.

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