DHS, Georgia Tech seek to improve security with open-source tools

July 2, 2011
FedCyber Wire, Solution Providers
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via Government Computer News

The Georgia Tech Research Institute has been designated the lead organization in a government project to develop open-source cybersecurity capabilities.

Funded with $10 million by the Homeland Security Department’s Science and Technology Directorate, the Homeland Open Security Technology(HOST) program is a five-year project to study and identify viable and sustainable open-source cybersecurity methods, models and technologies.

One of HOST’s key goals is to develop a portal for open-source security tools and applications that can be searched and accessed by federal, state and government personnel, said Joshua Davis, associate division head at GTRI’s Cyber Technology and Information Laboratory, and the program’s principal investigator. The portal is scheduled to be fully operational in July, but he said that there are already 150 items in the inventory.

Although parts of the government, such as the Defense Department, have embraced open-source software for a variety of applications, many agencies still view it as suspect. As a resource, Davis hopes HOST will help to dispel the “hippie in the basement” view of open-source programs – that it’s cobbled together by enthusiasts rather than teams of professional programmers.

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