LulzSec hacker group inspires copycats

July 1, 2011
FedCyber Wire
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via Washington Times

This week, the group – apparently less than a dozen strong – posted hundreds of internal documents stolen from the Arizona State Police computer network, including the home addresses of several officers and their families.

Cybersecurity experts tell The Washington Times that copycat groups already are emerging all over the world, that the hacker tools they use are widely available and that LulzSec’s nihilistic mindset will continue spreading.

“It’s the idea behind it that will be picked up,” said David Marcus, director of security research for McAfee Labs, noting that LulzSec lookalikes already had been founded in Brazil and Spain. “It’s hard to fight an idea.”

The group has used the slogan, “Laughing at your security since 2011,” and derives its name from “security” and the Internet term “lulz,” which means “loads of laughs.” LulzSec also has 280,000 followers on Twitter.

The group’s objective has been “basically to laugh at you and embarrass you about your poor security,” Mr. Marcus said. “They’re very hard to categorize.”

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