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July 1, 2011
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via Military and Aerospace Electronics

Current MOS 0650 (network operations and systems) limited duty officers (LDOs) can plan on being redesignated as 0605 (cyber network operations (Cy-berNetOps)) LDOs. This change reflects the current and future relevance of cyberspace as an integrated domain and the Marine Corps(TM) requirement for permanent cyber expertise.

0605 LDOs operate within and defend Marine Corps, hence U.S., cyberspace. As President Barack Obama described in his May 2010 National Security Strategy, “our unclassified government networks are constantly probed by intruders, so defending against these threats requires networks that are secure, trustworthy, and resilient. This cyberspace network resiliency to quickly recover from cyber intrusions and attacks”1 is a critical 0605 function because 0605s are thoroughly experienced in the cyberspace information technology (IT), doctrine, operational procedures, and security techniques required to operate national cyber warfighting and support capabilities. CyberNetOps LDOs are the Marine Corps(TM) institutionalized investment in the required people who fully understand how to acquire, deploy, and operate the secure technology that gives us the ability to better protect and to improve the resilience of critical government networks.”2

Within U.S. Strategic Command, U.S. Cyber Command (USCyberCom) leads the Department of Defense(TM)s (DoD(TM)s) creation of a strategic cyber capability. Within the Department of the Navy (DoN), the Marine Corps established the Forces Cyber Command, and the Navy launched the U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/10th Fleet. The Air Force activated a dedicated cyber component in its 24th Air Force, and the Army’s Forces Cyber Command is slated to attain full operational capabilities soon. Further, the DoN, via a 23 July 2009 Chief of Naval Operations memorandum, recognizes that cyber operations (Cy-berOps) synthesizes how to meet modern cyber threats. The Army is developing a new cyber MOS to focus on network operations (NetOps), information security, and information protection technology.”3

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