US National IT Security in a Post-Lulz World

June 29, 2011
FedCyber Wire
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via Tech News World

Between the repeated attacks on the United States government’s IT infrastructure by foreign hackers and incursions by LulzSec, a hacker community whose members wandered in and out of government cybersystems before publicly disbanding this week, it’s not difficult to conclude that the U.S.’s federal IT infrastructure is the cybersecurity equivalent of Swiss cheese.

LulzSec trashed the public-facing websites of the FBI, the CIA and Congress, as well as those of Sony (NYSE: SNE) and other corporations. Last week, it broke into the servers of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, stole confidential documents, and published them on the Internet.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration is wrestling with the possible impact on federal IT of the pending departure of the first United States Federal CIO, Vivek Kundra. He will leave in August for Harvard University.

Will Kundra’s departure impact U.S. federal cybersecurity efforts? Can the Obama administration lead us to the cybersecure promised land? Or will hackers continue to loot and pillage our IT infrastructure at will?

Every Goodbye Makes the Next Hello Closer

It’s not yet clear just how or if the pending departure of federal CIO Vivek Kundra after just over two years on the post will impact the state of federal cybersecurity.

“I have great hope that this position will continue to have impact in the federal cybersecurity arena in the future,” said Keren Cummins, director of federal markets at nCircle.

“Losing strong and effective leadership is never a good thing, but … the problem is not one of leadership, people, resources or will; it’s a problem of technology,” Dave Lowenstein, CEO of Federated Networks, told TechNewsWorld.

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