Cyber-attackers Target Arizona Department of Public Safety, Extract Sensitive Information

June 24, 2011
FedCyber Wire
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Recently, cyber-attack group Lulz Sec released sensitive documents associated with Arizona Department of Public Safety. Experts are investigating the security breach incident and have disabled external access to mitigate vulnerabilities. The latest disclosure comes amidst arrests of a teenager for alleged association with Lulz Sec, and threats by a rival attack group to expose details of Lulz Sec members. Earlier, Lulz Sec had announced joint action with Anonymous group to target government websites and disclose confidential documents and information pertaining to government and military personnel. In the latest attack, the Lulz Sec has disclosed hundreds of documents such as private intelligence bulletins and training manuals. The cyber-attack group also disclosed names, passwords, contact numbers, addresses and personal e-mail messages related to Arizona law enforcement officials. The attack group reportedly targeted Arizona Department of Public Safety to protest against the enhanced powers to counter crime agencies to target illegal migrants under SB1070. Several other states in the United States (U.S) are also considering adopting the law, which is currently under review by the Supreme Court.

The group has reportedly placed the classified law enforcement documents on underground crime forums. Among other things, the documents allegedly contain information related to counter crime operations, and use of informants to infiltrate crime groups. Such data may reveal strategies of law enforcement and help anti-social elements to devise strategies to perpetrate crime and evade detection. The cyber-attack group publishes the collected information online, providing opportunity for other cybercriminals and attack groups to exploit data and perpetrate different types of fraud such as unauthorized access, propagating spam, stealing funds, illegal funds transfer and identity theft.

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