OMB Plan Could Orphan Documents

June 17, 2011
FedCyber Wire
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via Gov Info Security

Doing good could cause some bad things to happen. Take, for instance, the White House Office of Management and Budget plan announced earlier this week to drive government efficiencies by eliminating half of the 2,000 top-level .gov domain sites within a year. Federal Chief Performance Officer Jeffrey Zients says many government websites are redundant, outdated, hard to use and poorly maintained. “This duplication not only can cause confusion, but also waste taxpayers dollars,” Zients says.

Makes sense, especially considering the plan could eliminate tens of millions of dollars, perhaps more, in spending (see Feds to Purge Half of Websites). But there could be negative consequences because more and more Internet users don’t download files to store on their computer but bookmark their locations to access them when needed. This is especially true of those who use mobile devices, a rapidly growing population in the Internet universe. It’s also a concern expressed this week by the United States Association for Computational Mechanics, which calls on the White House to use the initiative to reduce .gov sites to also establish ways to provide stable URLs for all documents so they may be of lasting value.

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