Fending off cyberthefts

April 29, 2011
Cyber Security, FedCyber Wire
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via Long Beach Press-Telegram

LONG BEACH – How safe is your personal information from a cyberattack?

Cybersecurity was the topic on Wednesday night at Cal State Long Beach’s Engineering Distinguished Lecture Series in the Walter Pyramid, where a panel of experts focused on threats, emerging policies and potential solutions for improving cybersafety.

A major threat to national and economic security, the growing number of cyberattacks has prompted the United States Department of Defense to include cybersecurity as the fifth arm of the department for securing the country.

Ronald Williams, a retired U.S. Secret Service employee who now runs a company that promotes cybersafety, said hackers are becoming more sophisticated and brazen. He said identity theft is still the biggest problem.

“If I can get your personal data, like your social security number and your date of birth, I can make money,” he said. “I can open up a second mortgage on your house. I basically own you with your information.”

Williams said businesses large and small are at risk of having their employees’ personal information stolen through data such as payroll accounts. And who’s doing the hacking? Williams said studies show the majority of perpetrators are disgruntled employees.

“We’re seeing that internal employees are responsible for most of the security breeches,” he said. “We tell businesses to gear their security inward.”

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