Breach Costs Texas $1.8 Million

April 26, 2011
Cyber Security, FedCyber Wire
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via Gov Info Security

A Texas state comptroller office computer breach that exposed the personal information of 3.5 million individuals has cost taxpayers $1.8 million, with that figure likely to rise, according to a report posted Friday on the website of an Austin newspaper.

In addition, the exposure of personal information of 3.5 million individuals over one year cost four employees their jobs, including the head of IT and information security, the comptroller office said.

Earlier this month, the comptroller office revealed Social Security numbers, names and mailing addresses as well as other information, to varying degrees, such as birth dates and driver’s license numbers were left exposed on its computers beginning in January 2010. The breach wasn’t discovered until March 31 (see Texas Comptroller’s Breach Lasted About a Year).

The state spent $1.2 million to notify those whose personal information was exposed, $393,000 to established a call center to offer assistance and $290,000 to retain two IT consultants – identified by the controller’s office as Gartner and Deloitte – to examine the agency’s information security policies and procedures, the reported.

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