We’re No. 3: Which countries passed U.S. as top perceived cyber threat?

April 21, 2011
Cyber Security, FedCyber Wire
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via Government Computer News

An interesting shift in this year’s McAfee report on critical infrastructure security is that the United States has gone from being the most feared nation for launching attacks to No. 3 this year, behind China and Russia.

But if China is seen as the most offensive threat, it also ranked No. 1 in defense in the report, which was released April 19.

Chinese respondents in the survey reported implementing an average of 59 percent of possible security measures in IT systems, followed by Italy and Japan at 55 and 54 percent, respectively. Brazil is at the lower end, with about 25 percent, and the United States is the middle of the pack at about 44 percent.

The private sector’s relationship with government appears to have a strong positive correlation with security posture. Japan and China both reported strong interaction between the public and private sectors, with frequent government audits of security. The United Kingdom and the United States reported the least interaction between the government and private sectors.

“The report indicates a strong correlation” between government interaction and private-sector security, said Phyllis Schneck, McAfee’s chief technology officer. But “it is not quite clear what that relationship should be.”

A panel of government and industry officials discussing the report agreed that the answer is not regulation, which Schneck said leads to a culture of checkbox compliance rather than real security.

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