Annexation Boosts Cooling for NSA Data Center

March 10, 2011
Cyber Security, FedCyber Wire
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via Data Center Knowledge

Here’s an interesting story which illustrates the importance of cooling in where data centers are built. The city of Bluffdale, Utah has agreed to annex more than 500 acres of land where the huge new National Security Agency data center will be built. The annexation of the unincorporated land is being made at the request of the Utah Military Installation Developmental Authority, which is responsible for procuring the power, water and sewer capacity for the NSA project.

“MIDA asked that the property be annexed into Bluffdale so it could have a reliable water supply for cooling its computers,” reports the Utah News. “If it were not part of the city, the center would be considered a ‘surplus priority’ customer of the city, meaning its water supply would be cut if there were a shortage.”

A water interruption that limited cooling capacity could force a temporary shutdown of equipment in the the data center. That type of interruption is unacceptable for the NSA facility. While officials won’t say exactly what the facility will do, it is being described as mission-critical to the nation’s cyber-security.

Story here.