Military to focus on smart phone security chasms

February 28, 2011
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via Defense Systems

Military personnel can be linked into a vital network rich with information from across a war zone and back home using smart phones.

As the military looks to provide making mobile devices essential tools in its arsenal, the question of security is becoming an increasingly vital issue.

Researchers at the antivirus software company Symantec explained in a Feb. 23 briefing that security might become a major preoccupation for smart phone users in the military as interest in the devices buoys, reports Colin Clark of DOD Buzz.

National Security Agency certification is being sought by the military for iPhones. There’s also been research on how to both iPhones and Androids secure enough to be used in theater, the DOD Buzz story said.

But cyber bandits run rampant in today’s world. Smart phones “are a really rich target,” Joe Pasqua, Symantec’s vice president for research, told reporters.

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