DoD: Military must be capable within ‘Cyber’ domain

February 17, 2011
Cyber Security, FedCyber Wire
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via Network World

In his keynote Tuesday at RSA Conference 2011, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense William Lynn III said the Department Of Defense (DoD) is set to soon complete a new cyber security strategy that will explicitly recognize cyberspace as a new and official warfare domain. Dubbed Cyber 3.0, it charges the military with defending government networks just as it defends land, sea and air. Cyber 3.0 is also an extension of the U.S. Cyber Command Initiative that kicked off in 2009.

To maintain national security today and in the future “our military must be as capable in this new domain as it is in more traditional domains,” Lynn said to a packed audience of security attendees.

“Cyber 3.0 is an important milestone for our department. But even if we execute it flawlessly, the fact is that the government cannot protect our nation alone,” Lynn said. “Cyber defense is not a military mission, like defending our airspace, where the sole responsibility lies with the military. The overwhelming percentage of our nation’s critical infrastructure — including the Internet itself — is largely in private hands. It is going to take a public-private partnership to secure our networks,” he said.

“To be successful, I believe we need to pursue several avenues of industry-government cooperation,” Lynn said.

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