Cyber Security: Thornberry Focused on Department of Defense’s Role

February 15, 2011
FedCyber Wire
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via Texas Insider

“Cyber is a new domain of vandalism, crime, espionage & warfare, but we are not very well equipped to deal with any of those challenges. As we look for solutions, we want to be smart, careful & true to our values, but we need to act to improve our security,” said Cong. Mac Thornberry (R-Tex.), the Vice Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and Chairman of the Armed Services Subcommittee on Emerging Threats & Capabilities following a hearing on the Department of Defense’s role in the nation’s cyber activities.

“One of the first things that one notices is that the name of the subcommittee has changed this year to better match what our charge is. We are to look out into the future and help see that the United States is prepared to deal with those national security challenges that are still emerging — those that we are still learning about, such as terrorism and cyber warfare.

“We are also charged with nurturing emerging capabilities that can meet those and other threats. The jurisdiction has been clarified so that we can better focus on cyber and other issues.

“Any emerging threat presents new challenges on policy, legal authority, budgeting, as we have witnessed, for example, since 9/11. Today, we want to start by asking a fairly basic but important question: What is role of the Department of Defense in defending the country in cyberspace?

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