To Improve Cyber-Security, U.S. Needs Cohesive Public-Private Partnership

January 12, 2011
Cyber Security, FedCyber Wire
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via National Defense Magazine

It has become one of the perils of everyday life on the information highway – a cyberattack.

For the Pentagon, which operates 15,000 networks and owns more than a million computers, the risks are huge. Though Defense systems are attacked constantly – 5,000 times per day by some accounts, and scanned millions of times per day – these digital invasions are little reported.

Banks lose millions of dollars a year from cyberintrusions. Each bank averages one million probes per month. These too, are little reported. The banks see this as a cost of doing business, and customers pay the cost in increased user fees. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. says, “The Internet is the crime scene of the 21st Century.”

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