Intrusion detection honeypots simplify network security

November 17, 2010
Cyber Security
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“Intrusion detection is a complex business. Whether you deploy an intrusion detection system (IDS), or you collect and analyze the computer and device logs on your network, identifying malicious traffic in a sea of legitimate activity can be both difficult and time consuming.

A honeypot makes identifying malicious traffic dead simple. That’s because any traffic to a honeypot, after some initial quick tuning to rule out false positives, is suspicious. A honeypot is a fake computer asset that exists only to alert its owner if it is touched. Nobody should be touching it or attempting to log on. Because all activity is illegitimate, no analysis is needed to tell good traffic from bad. The only question is, how dangerous is the intruder?”

(Source: Intrusion detection honeypots simplify network security | Security Central – InfoWorld)


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