About FedCyber

FedCyber is a community-focused activity and event series created by Matt Devost & Bob Gourley designed to bring together action oriented practitioners to advance the dialogue on critical enterprise and government challenges.

When we started FedCyber 7 years ago, we were on a mission to change the way the federal government and large enterprises thought about cyber risk issues. We were tired of showing up to speak at cyber events only to cover the same old “tired” topics over and over again. We wanted to create an event that focused on the community and advanced the dialogue on these critical issues in ways that hadn’t been done before.

After five years of running the event, we felt that we had largely accomplished that mission. As a result, after a one year sabbatical, we’ve decided to retire the FedCyber event. We will continue to work for the community on these issues and I’m sure we will find some new way to push the envelope soon, it just won’t be through FedCyber.

We are greatly indebted to everyone who made this event series a success. Our speakers, our sponsors, and most importantly our attendees. For five years we addressed cutting edge issues that eventually became part of the larger cyber dialogue and for that we should all be extremely proud.

As we sunset the FedCyber page and mailing lists, we’d appreciate it if you would subscribe to the following sites where both Bob and Matt will continue to publish provocative content. & &

Many thanks!

Matt Devost & Bob Gourley