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FedCyber is an annual cybersecurity event hosted by Matt Devost & Bob Gourley that brings together several hundred attendees to advance the dialogue on critical enterprise and federal government challenges. The FedCyber web site serves as the community nexus and information aggregator.

2014 FedCyber Date Announced - Registration Open

Please visit to register for this year's event which will be held on November 5, 2014 in Tyson's Corner.

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Palo Alto Networks: Proactively Averting Cyber Attacks

By Charles Hall Cyber threats are becoming more advanced, persistent, and focused. The threat landscape is rapidly changing, and evolving faster than ever. Today it is difficult to determine who is winning: either those behind the cyber threats, or those fighting to prevent and remediate the threats [...]

Dempsey: Civilian, private networks leave US vulnerable

“‘In cyber, we have competitors, and we have competitors who maybe aren’t as constrained by legal systems and freedoms as we are,’ Dempsey said. ‘It’s going to be challenging to navigate this race.’” (Source: Dempsey: Civilian, private networks leave US vulnerable Via OODA Loop [...]

Google reveals 3 Apple OS X Zero-day Vulnerabilities

“After exposing three critical zero-day vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s Windows operating systems, Google’s Project Zero vulnerability research program has revealed the existence of three more zero-day vulnerabilities, but this time, on Apple’s OS X platform.” (Source: Google reveals 3 Appl [...]

Man Pleads Guilty to Hacking Microsoft, Video Game Firms

“Nathan Leroux, 20, of Bowie, Maryland, has admitted taking part in an international hacking and intellectual property theft conspiracy, the FBI announced on Tuesday. Leroux has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit computer intrusions and criminal copyright infringement for his role in the theft [...]

CSRF Flaw Allowed Attackers to Hijack GoDaddy Domains

“Internet domain registrar GoDaddy has rushed to fix a cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerability that could have been leveraged by malicious actors to take over domains. The flaw was identified on January 17 by New York-based security engineer Dylan Saccomanni while managing a domain. The ex [...]

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